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Cuter than you !*

♥*Name: Karley
♥*Age/Birthday: 14, May 25 1990
♥*Sex: Female
♥*Location: Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
♥*Ethincity: White
♥*Favourite Bands/Artists: Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Green Day
♥*Favourite Movies: Thirteen, Jackass, Dickie Roberts, American Wedding
♥*Favourite Shows: Trailer Park Boys, Wife Swap, Family Guy, South Park
♥*Favourite Foods: Pizza, Gnnocies, Perogies
♥*Words that describe your personality: Energetic, fun, wild, adorable, funny, independant, respectful, trustworthy, optimistic =)
♥*Favourite Actor(s): Adam Sandler, Sean William Scott
♥*Favourite Actress(es): Jennifer Gardner, Cameron Diaz
♥*Favourite Colour: Black/ Baby Blue/ Baby Pink
♥*Favourite Season: Summer !
♥*Favourite Thing to Do: Hang out w. friends
♥*What would you do if you were rich? Shop n` save !
♥*Who promoted you to this community? i found it on my own
♥*How do you judge a person? i guess by their interests and their personality
♥*User you promoted to: dare2bdiiferent
♥*What makes you cute? Well i skipped a grade and im younger and they say im cute, and i have most of my baby teeth yet to loose and big eyes so i look little and cute <3
♥*3+ Pictures Of You:

 im the one on the right

 picture taken at 3 am !

 the one on the right !
thanks ; o)

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