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Cuter Than you


♥*Name: Stephanie.
♥*Age/Birthday: 15/ 11/26/90.
♥*Sex: Female.
♥*Location: Texas.
♥*Ethincity: Irish, Jewish, German, Spaniard, Russian, and Puerto Rican
♥*Favourite Bands/Artists: Hawthorn Heights, Hot Hot Heat, Mae, The hush sound, 30 seconds to mars, death cab for cutie, cute is what we aim for, From first to last.

♥*Favourite Movies: A walk to remember, Moulon Rouge, Rocky horror pictue show, School of rock
♥*Favourite Shows: American Idol, Monk (hehe), and next
♥*Favourite Foods: Mexican, Puerto Rican, Philipenno, and Chinese
♥*Words that describe your personality: spunky, nice, trustworthy, easy to talk to, compationate, lovable.
♥*Favourite Actor(s): Freddy Prince Jr, Ewan McGreggor, and Johnny Dept
♥*Favourite Actress(es): Nicole Kidman
♥*Favourite Colour: blue, yellow, red, and black
♥*Favourite Season: Fall
♥*Favourite Thing to Do: act, sing, dance- pretty much entertain, read, and hang out at the movie theater with my friends every friday to play ddr
♥*What would you do if you were rich? Probably buy clothes for myself and then go on an awsome vacation. Or just buy alot of Mt. Dew and doritos. :]
♥*Who promoted you to this community? Me
♥*How do you judge a person? By the way they treat myself and others
♥*User you promoted to: yellownotepad
♥*What makes you cute? Im a stinking camera whore, and i have curly hair and wild expressions that will blow your mind!! lol.
♥*3+ Pictures Of You: i don't have pics of my curly hair, bleh i hate my curly hair



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