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Cuter Than You

♥*Age/Birthday: 14-- 11/05/90
♥*Sex: Female
♥*Location: Illinois
♥*Ethincity: Mexican//Black
♥*Favourite Bands/Artists: Mariah Carey, No Doubt, 112, Switchfoot, Destiny's Child
♥*Favourite Movies: Honey, The Notebook
♥*Favourite Shows: 7th Heaven, Mad TV, Family Guy
♥*Favourite Foods: Grapes
♥*Words that describe your personality: Crazy, energetic, caring, loving, fun, daring
♥*Favourite Actor(s): Ashton Kutcher, Matt Damon, Chris Rock
♥*Favourite Actress(es): Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez
♥*Favourite Colour: Green//Pink
♥*Favourite Season: Spring
♥*Favourite Thing to Do: Listen//Dance to music
♥*What would you do if you were rich? I would probably buy my parents a big house in a semi-rich neighborhood. I would also go on a shopping spree, and go on many vacatioons.
♥*Who promoted you to this community? Nobody I just found it.
♥*How do you judge a person? I used to look at how they act around people I know and then I would think either eww that person is weird.. or oOoh i want to get to knwo that person. But I'm trying not to judge people anymore because i think it's wrong and i hate it when people judge me.
♥*User you promoted to: </a></a>argentinalover
♥*What makes you cute? Basiclly my smile.
♥*3+ Pictures Of You:


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