Latte <3 (halo_on_my_feet) wrote in cutiep0p,
Latte <3

Cuter Than You

♥*Name: LaTasha bka Leti
♥*Age/Birthday: 13, May 20th
♥*Sex: Female
♥*Location: Michigan
♥*Ethincity: My mom is French-Canadian (born in Montreal) and my dad was born in Spanish Town, Jamaica.
♥*Favourite Bands/Artists: Something Corporate, Tori Amos, Yellowcard, Hole, Jennifer Lopez, Dashboard Confessional, Jay-Z...umm I can listen to pretty much anything.
♥*Favourite Movies: Garden State, Vanilla Sky, Closer
♥*Favourite Shows: Laguna Beach, Desperate Housewives
♥*Favourite Foods: Honestly I don't really care...I'll eat whatever as long as it's vegan. I do really like crepes, though.
♥*Words that describe your personality: Sweet, honest, crazy, unique, smart.
♥*Favourite Actor(s): Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp.
♥*Favourite Actress(es): Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Portman, Susan Sarandon, and Marilyn Monroe.
♥*Favourite Colour: pink
♥*Favourite Season: Summer, I hate the heat, but I love no school, the beach, and all that stuff.
♥*Favourite Thing to Do: hang out with my friends/boyfriend, go to concerts, play drums and guitar
♥*What would you do if you were rich? Well, of course I would buy some things for myself, but I'd also donate to some charities and try to do something for the common good. I'd probably buy my mom a house, too.
♥*Who promoted you to this community? Ummm no one.
♥*How do you judge a person? By personality first. But in a rating community, I judge however they ask to be judged.
♥*User you promoted to: Not to sound dumb...but I don't know what to put here?
♥*What makes you cute? My personality, definitely.
♥*3+ Pictures Of You:

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