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you think you cute enough?

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beautyofsunset {keeley}

spicexmyxlife {samyukta}

¤You must be over 14 to join.
¤Complete the whole application, otherwise you'll be auto-rejected.
¤LJ-CUT your pictures please.
¤You may only comment in your application only.
¤If you cause any drama or bitching to members you will be banned.
¤Put "Cuter Than You" as the subject title so that we know that you've read the rules.
¤Mods will stamp when they find time to.
¤Swearing is definitely allowed. Don't go over the top though ;)
¤Slight nudity is allowed.
¤Co-Ed community (opened to both boys&girls) :)
¤If you cant tolerate rejection, dont bother in joining.

Copy and paste the application and fill it out! :)


Please put *STAMPED* in the subject line whenever you post.
Put in bold either yes or no and give either a reason for stating why. Anyways its you who's voting, your choice.
Don't go way over the top ;)
Post at least once or twice during a week, posting too much then i will ban you.


You may re-apply in 3 days with NEW pictures.
If you have been rejected more than 3 times, you may not re-apply.